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Power of Immersive Experience

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 An enjoyable experience: Anna Newell helps us immerse in an African song 'Somyamay'







We are using a pedagogic approach that is intended to encourage formation of a network of professional interest and to stimulate collaborative enquiry aimed at exploring the idea of immersive experience, the learning that derives from such experiences and the opportunities for such experiences in higher education. The wiki provides us with a structure to support the knowledge building and sharing enterprise.


Gallery - films, photos and illustrations
Gain a flavour of the conference by visiting our conference gallery which hosts digital images and artwork.
Patricks Page- Slide Show, illustrations
A page dedicated to the artist in residence. Patrick's pictures illustrate the days events as they happen.

Evaluation of the process

Conference Programe.pdf


Enquiry process conference process map.doc  
Our process began with an invitation to participants to think about the idea of immersive experience and to provide a story in which they were involved in an immersive experience. From these grounded stories individuals extracted their own meanings and understandings of immersion and the principles that might be used to design/create immersive experiences in higher education. These stories are available on this wiki Stories of immersive experiences. A synthesis (or perhaps sveral syntheses) will be made of these stories to identify some of the patterns of contexts, features, relationships, behaviours and changes associated with immersive experiences.The conference utiised Appreciative Story Telling, Appreciative Inquiry and an Open Space Forum to engage participants in conversations that were meaningful to them. Our intention was to create an environment in which participants could immerse themselves. To help us we drew on the talents of a number of Artists in residence


These video clips provide a flavour of the different stages of the process.


Under Construction 


  1. What is an experience?

          The conference began with an introduction of the team and several excersises led by Anna Newell aimed at encouraging participants' to think about 

the nature of experience (click here and here to see examples). Click here to briefly see the responses of participants.

          Click here to see a slide show.



  2. How do Immersive experiences fit within experiential learning?

         David Boud spoke on Immersive Learning, drawing from his own paper. The presentation also included an oppertunity for

         groups to discuss the issues raised (click here to see a discussion in progress).



  3. Appreciative Inquiry What is an Immersive experience?

         Participants formed pairs and then left to discuss thier own Immersive expierences, rexamining them using a set of   

         questions they were provided. The purpose of this discussion was to grow a proposition about immersive experiences from the two stories


         which could be further discussed by the entire group in the poster and voting session. after, with the eventual goal being to determine what issues

                                 In the spirit of the conference the film crew gave participants their own video cameras. Click the link below to see what happened.



          Posters - Click here to view


  4. Making sense of Immersive Experiences.

         (click here to see a slide show.)





  5. Emergence of discussion topics in an Open Space forum around the theme of immersive experience in HE


         Film clip. Richard Seel led the group in an Open Forum (click here for an explanation of an Open Space Forum) in which, drawing from the propositions made






   6. Leading the blind - An immersive experience (click here to see slide show)

                                To close the first day Anna Newell led the group through an immersive excersise.


  7. Immersive Supper.

                                In the evening the group attended a lively supper, followed by a singing excersise. Participants again had thier own video cameras.


  8. Immersive Experiences in HE.

                                In the morning of the second day the topics that emerged from the Open Space were discussed. Open Space principles were used to guide discussion activity (see the film clip above).


                                The film crew conducted a series of interviews which can be seen here. One of the issues discussed was the place of immersive learning in higher education.





                                Richard Seel

                                Lewis Elton

                                Nigel Biggs

                                Osama Khan

                                David Boud


  9. Feedback and Feedforward.


  10. Conference Evaluation and Symbolic Closure.



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